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Masterclass with David de Winter and Tom Williams of EXAUDI

Last week we were incredibly lucky to have a Masterclass with two members of EXAUDI, Tom and David, after having watched them perform at the Cathedral the evening before.

They worked with our four consort groups on two madrigals by Gesualdo and two by Monteverdi, which will be performed at our concert 'Longings and Lamentations' on 29th February.

"Not only did David and Tom greatly help and inspire the consorts on developing the music itself, but they were also particularly helpful in bringing each group together as one unity, rather than 5 individual singers! It was an amazing opportunity to work with such amazing and renowned singers and the masterclass allowed us all to improve the quality of our performances." - Lucy Evans

"The masterclass with David and Tom of EXAUDI was exceptionally helpful. To work with musicians who not only know madrigals so well, but knew our specific pieces in such detail was incredible. They added a depth of emotion to our performances which we wouldn't have found without them and have given us so much inspiration for the rest of our programme." - Eleanor Hunt

We are so excited by what we achieved in this time with them, and we can't wait to show off the results at our Epiphany Term concert in the Chapter House on Saturday 29th February at 7:30pm.

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