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Chamber Choir Fine Dining

HI EVERYONE (Capitals have been used to convey the great excitement with which today's rehearsals have been conducted by Tom) Such enthusiasm on Tom's part was met with many a rousing moment as the choir embarked upon rehearsals for the second half of Saturday's concert (get your tickets here, please come, Tom will be sad if you don't and sad conductors are just the worst). Because I enjoy a good bit of delegation (who doesn't?), I have asked Rachel, our delightful Assistant Manager, to pen a brief account of our wonderful celebration dinner last night. On Monday night, the choir kicked off the first evening of Chamber choir week with the annual Chamber Choir Dinner that, this year took plac

Stash, Shakespeare and Celebration

Hi everyone! Phew. Sorry for the lack of posts this term :( it's been very busy in the run up to exams (even for the musicians boasting a grand total of 3 exams - they had summatives, we didn't - fair is fair). This term has been spent rehearsing repertoire for TWO concerts coming up in the next couple of weeks. TOMORROW, DUCC will be performing in the opening concert of the Durham University Festival of the Arts which will feature music on a theme of SHAKESPEARE. The choir will perform three pieces, each with text by the Bard, two of which have been arranged specially by our very own Will Ford. Tickets can be purchased here. O mistress mine - Alan Murray Fear no more the heat o' the sun - G

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