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Who needs Mariah? James MacTavish does it better

As the final performance of the calendar year draws near, the members of DUChCh are full of energy and festive cheer and aren't worrying anything silly like deadlines or their imminent collapse due to extreme fatigue. Spurred on by the Narnial (yes, made up adjective - only my mother cares) vistas on show in the idyllic surroundings of Durham Castle and Cathedral, the choir have been amazing the members of DUOS (Durham University Orchestral Society) with their vibrant singing and exceptionally cheery visages. Ok, so I may be guilty of a slight embellishment of the true situation but I'm pretty sure I had you going for a moment there. It's been a tiring term as a whole and the choir have been

What a

Hi everyone! Welcome to our shiny new website! I know what you're all thinking - didn't we just see the "new" website design. You are correct. However, you have not taken into account the envy experienced by our publicity officer when he was introduced to the Durham University Orchestral Society's website. And we are. We hope you like the new design(s), please let us know if there are any typos or mistakes or things you just think we might like to change. Our site should work on mobile platforms (Tablets, Smartphones etc.) but there is a certain amount of extra trial and error involved so please bear with :) In recent news, our latest concert ("Star of Gold") was received very well

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