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Who needs Mariah? James MacTavish does it better

As the final performance of the calendar year draws near, the members of DUChCh are full of energy and festive cheer and aren't worrying anything silly like deadlines or their imminent collapse due to extreme fatigue. Spurred on by the Narnial (yes, made up adjective - only my mother cares) vistas on show in the idyllic surroundings of Durham Castle and Cathedral, the choir have been amazing the members of DUOS (Durham University Orchestral Society) with their vibrant singing and exceptionally cheery visages.

Ok, so I may be guilty of a slight embellishment of the true situation but I'm pretty sure I had you going for a moment there. It's been a tiring term as a whole and the choir have been very glad to have a week's break between their (fantastic - haven't you heard?!) concert last Friday and the upcoming seasonal extravaganza that will be Durham Actually (tomorrow night in University College Great Hall). If you were lucky enough to get a ticket for this celebration of all things Decembral (we're sorry/overjoyed to say that it SOLD OUT last week), then you have many many things to look forward to. Not least amongst those (as this post's title might suggest) is the demonstration of James MacTavish's fabulousness in the rendition of Mariah Carey's Christmas hit: "All I want for Christmas is you" which is just one of the pieces that Chamber Choir will be singing alongside DUOS in an arrangement by their president Jonathan Whittaker. Many other members of Chamber Choir will be performing in solo roles and we have heard tell of some potential choreography designed by DULOG's very own Will Emery who puts a certain coiffed Christmas heartache to shame.

I hope you enjoy the snowy photos and the cute one of our illustrious director, it was clearly an attempt at arty-black-and-white thing I had going, my apologies.

We look forward to seeing some of you at the Carol-fest tomorrow evening and the rest in the New Year as we begin work on our new project for the Epiphany Term's concert in the Cathedral Chapter House. More to come on that score soon (no pun intended).

Much love and many hugs,

DUChCh Exec xxx

13. xii. 15

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