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For unto us a choir is born

Yesterday, DUCC had its second rehearsal of the year with the brand new choir, and it was just as exciting as the first. The exec had four busy days of auditions at the start of October, and had to make some very tough decisions before being able to proudly announce the birth of the 2016 / 2017 Chamber Choir. There are a total of eighteen singers in this year’s group who have not been in the ensemble before, which is surely a record-breaking statistic and a testament to the quality of auditions. Rehearsals are off to a flying start, covering more rep than even the almighty conductor had expected in today’s rehearsal - but this didn’t stop his supreme waving ability from impressing the group, inspiring us to make this the best first term of Chamber Choir that we possibly can!

So, many many congratulations to the new choir and new members in particular, it’s sounding fantastic and we can’t wait to get even more stuck in with the beautiful repertoire that George has chosen for the Christmas concert on the 9th December.

Love from DUCC xxx 21.10.16

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