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The one tour blog I managed to write...

Dear all,

I'm afraid that the demands of Amsterdam were such that it was a struggle to write more than one account of the choir's antics in the Netherlands this summer. We hope you enjoy it, nonetheless.

DUCC have just arrived in Amsterdam for their week long tour! You can read our blog below and here is a photo from our first full day yesterday in beautiful sunshine.

This particular issue of the DUCC Tour Blog is dedicated to our tireless Tour Manager Megan Griffiths. The heavy (and not particularly easy) yoke of booking venues, accommodation, concerts and organised fun times falls to Meg who so far has excelled herself in all walks of tourdom.

DAY 0 General convention was made by the choir at London's 6th best airport around the 5th hour of the evening, frutb (full right up to bursting) with Dutch enthousiasme for the upcoming tour shenanigans. Some people were late but none fatally so - much like many CC rehearsals this year. A slightly confused deputy member decided that Luton was far too low class for her liking ‪#‎pulborough‬ nonetheless she still turned up earlier than the tour organiser at the correct airport, so no harm done.

A very speedy flight saw the members arriving in the crimson capital and after some brief ensconcement in the palatial hostel. The choir embarked on the first of many great nights. In the end, the event consisted of staying in the hostel's bar and playing jenga. Sam Kibble displaying a performance of note and truly demonstrating his PPE qualifications by building the tallest junior educational wooden block sculpture that the Meininger hostel has ever seen.

General fatigue claimed the rest of the members without any further excursion to the centre of Amsterdam though there still remained some sore heads on the morning of DAY 1.

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