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The work begins: Chamber Choir Weekend and Tom Brooke's latest single

A piece penned by the delightful Hannah Cox about Chamber Choir's "pre-season" - and I use that term very loosely - weekend which kick-started this term's rehearsals. I've added a few amusing photos that I took last week which meant that we finally have a full compliment of headshots on our Members Page.

Chamber Choir Weekend 16th- 17th January

Before the new term started here in Durham, members of the Chamber Choir congregated in the Concert Hall of the Music Department eager to start the exciting repertoire that is the Rachmaninoff Vespers, ‘All-Night Vigil’. This is a piece consisting of fifteen movements including the all-time favourite Bogoroditsé Devo. The work encompasses some of the most exquisite harmonies and melodies with solos for alto and tenor. Conductor Tom Brooke, continued on from last term focusing on dynamic contrast and the intensity of phrasing further raising the standard of the 22 voice choir.

Meg "I'm a really busy important person/not actually on the phone" Griffiths

The introductory weekend helped a great deal in the note bashing section of the rehearsal process. The pronunciation work on the other hand will come at a later date perhaps. Along with the Russian language, challenges we faced included how we wished to be conducted as there are bars in the score that comprise of 18 beats! A big mention should be to Florian who held the bass 2 section by himself for the majority of the weekend whilst his colleagues were on the ski trip. This is destined to be a highlight in the Music Durham calendar. The biggest question of all, can our basses reach a bottom Bᵇ?! You will have to come and listen to find out. We perform on Saturday 5th March in The Chapter House of Durham Cathedral. We'd love to see you all there!

Tom posing for the cover of his next album "G&T: Ginger and Tenor, My Story"

Rehearsal 27.1.16

DUChCh Exec xxx 3.2.16

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