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Hi everyone!

Welcome to our shiny new website! I know what you're all thinking - didn't we just see the "new" website design. You are correct. However, you have not taken into account the envy experienced by our publicity officer when he was introduced to the Durham University Orchestral Society's website.

And we are. We hope you like the new design(s), please let us know if there are any typos or mistakes or things you just think we might like to change. Our site should work on mobile platforms (Tablets, Smartphones etc.) but there is a certain amount of extra trial and error involved so please bear with :)

In recent news, our latest concert ("Star of Gold") was received very well by critics across the university - they gave special praise to the liberal amount (and strength) of the refreshment during the interval break. Though DUChCh do not need alcohol to be incredible people, we do appreciate it when our audience is extra smiley. We're thoroughly looking forward to our next concert which is unfortunately sold out but it's very exciting that we're going to see so many of you - our favourite people - on Monday night.

Here is a picture of how much fun the tenors (particularly Phil) were having in tonight's rehearsal...

We hope that you're all well and have bought all your Christmas presents already being incredibly organised and together people...we definitely have.

Hope to see on Monday night, or if not - soon.

Much DUChCh love,

The Exec. xxx

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