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George Cook: International Man of Waving

Hullo there!

Just a short note from us at DUChCh to announce that after a strenuous audition process last Wednesday and Thursday (9th & 10th March) we are very pleased to announce that our very own George Cook will be conducting the choir next year!

We were overawed by the strength and depth of the competition which saw seven budding conductors compete for the ultimate baton of infinite power (as Tom Brooke affectionately calls his right index-finger).

George is a second-year music student in St Chad's College, he sings in both the University Chamber Choir and the Cathedral Choir as a bass and is widely renowned in Durham Uni music as one of the nicest people you could find (don't tell him we said that...). No doubt the tyrant persona will come with the job next year!

After the success of our Rachmaninoff concert (it sold out didn't you hear?) in the Chapter House we are delighted to (semi) announce our concert for next term. Celebrating primarily British and French music DUChCh's Summer Concert will feature Duruflé's setting of the Requiem Mass and Gerald Finzi's Lo the Full Final Sacrifice. The concert will take place on Saturday 11th June in the Nave of Durham Cathedral.

Here's one where Phil and Tom decided they'd rather be the centre of attention...for once?

That's all for now - though check out some lovely new photos in our gallery!

Lots of love,

DUChCh Exec xxx

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